Naturopathy 101 (e-Book)

Treating your body and enhancing your health naturally is an important goal for many people today.

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What will I learn?
  • Be able to define Naturopathy
  • Learn about the history of Naturopathy
  • Identify the 5 Principles of Naturopathy
  • Understand the benefits of Naturopathy
  • Learn about conditions treated with Naturopathy
  • Identify the various therapies used in Naturopathy
  • Define the types of Naturopathic techniques
  • What evidence supports the use of Naturopathy
  • Who practices Naturopathic Medicine
  • Naturopathic Medicine summary

Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Naturopathy 101 (e-Book)
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Naturopathy 101
  • Internet Connection
  • Anyone who has an interest in natural health and wellness.
  • Please Note: THIS E-BOOK IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY! All rights reserved.
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Naturopathy offers many options for natural remedies and preventative care that can be an alternative to conventional medicine. If you have ever wondered just what naturopathy is or what it includes, we have compiled this complete guide to help you understand it all.

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