Resilience (Flip Book)

Resilience is absolutely necessary to live a healthy, happy, and high-quality life. Without resilience, it is easy to get defeated, feel worn down by life, and eventually give up on yourself or others. Resilience, though, will help you overcome any difficult situation and allow you to live a better life, no matter how tough the situation may be.

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What will I learn?
  • Learn what resilience is.
  • Define and understand the four types of resilience.
  • Recognize the four main components of resilience
  • Put to use the four componenents of resilience in moments of difficulty.
  • Discover how to build connections, foster wellness, use positive thinking and find purpose in life.
  • Understand how self-awareness can improve our resiliency to life's challenges.

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Resilience (Flipbook)
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Resilience (Flipbook)
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In this 53-page Flipbook, we look at resilience and offer you key tips for building mental strength to overcome difficult situations. We begin by defining resilience, discussing the four types of resilience, and looking at the four components of resilience. Then, we offer examples and suggestions for developing these components so that you build your resilience.

Table of Contents
Introduction 6
Defining Resilience: What Is It?  8
Why Is Resilience Important? 8
Factors Of Resilience 9
Can You Build Resilience? 10
Who Can Benefit From Resilience Training? 11
Types Of Resilience For All Of Life’s Hardships 13
Psychological Resilience 14
Emotional Resilience 14
Physical Resilience 15
Community Resilience 16
Using The Forms Of Resilience 17
The Components Of Resilience 20
Connection 20
Wellness 20
Healthy Thinking 21
Meaning 21
The Components Of Resilience In A Real-Life Example 22
How To Build Connections During Times Of Loss 25
Benefits Of Connection 25
Quality Vs. Quantity Connections 26
How To Build Healthy Connections  27
How To Maintain Healthy Connections 28
How To Foster Wellness During Times Of Poor Mental And Physical Health 31
How To Foster Wellness For Mental Health 32
How To Foster Wellness For Physical Health 33
How To Think Healthy Thoughts During Difficult And Uncontrollable Times 36
Recognize Thinking Traps 37
How To Think Healthy Thoughts 39
How To Find Purpose When You Feel Lost 42
Why Purpose Helps Resilience 42
Purpose And Meaning 43
How To Find Your Purpose 43
Bringing It All Together: Resilience Training 47
Resilience Training 47
Training Your Attention 48
Conclusion 52

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