The Mind & Memory Switch (Flip Book)

Brain Training & Building a Healthy Memory - Tools and Techniques

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  • The Mind & Memory Switch - (Flip Book)
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The ability to remember major facts and small details is essential for daily life. The processes of the supercomputer - the human brain - which facilitates memory, has intrigued the cognitive realm of psychology and has prompted research particularly in the last three decades. Human memory has a remarkable ability so familiar to us that we usually take it for granted. That ability is simply that one thing reminds us of another.

This 121-page Flip Book provides tools and techniques to improve memory and cognitive functioning.


Chapter 1: Mind and Memory – An Overview
1.1 What is Memory?
1.2 Different Stages of Memory
1.3  How is Memory related to Mind and Brain?

Chapter 2: Types of Memory
2.1  What is Memory?
2.1.1  Sensory Memory
2.1.2 Short-Term Memory
2.1.3  Long-Term Memory

Chapter 3: How does Memory Work?
3.1 The Working and Process
3.2 Recalling Memories When they are Forgotten

Chapter 4: Insight into Working Memory
4.1 What is Working Memory?
4.2 Working Memory Model
4.3 Why is Working Memory Important?

Chapter 5: Why does Memory Fade?
5.1 How to Measure Forgetting?
5.2 Why Do We Forget?
5.3 The Cue-Dependent Theory of Forgetting
5.4 The “Fading Effect”

Chapter 6: The Impact of Alcohol on Memory
6.1 Effect of Alcohol on Long-Term Memory
6.1.1 Impact on Explicit Memory
6.1.2 Impact on Implicit Memory
6.2 Effect of Alcohol on Short-Term Memory
6.3 Blacking out
6.3.1 Signs and Symptoms of a Blackout
6.3.2 Demographics Related to Blackout

Chapter 7: The Impact of Drugs on Memory

Chapter 8: Building a Healthy Memory - Tools and Techniques
8.1 Mnemonics
8.2 Mnemonic Techniques
8.3 How to make Mnemonics more memorable?
8.4 Mind Mapping
8.5 Techniques to Challenge your Brain

Chapter 9: Fighting Off Memory Loss

Chapter 10: Secrets of Aromatherapy
10.1 Essential Oils that may help those living with Dementia
10.2 Lavender
10.3 Peppermint
10.4 Rosemary
10.5 Lemon Balm
10.6 Ylang Ylang
10.7 Things to Remember

Chapter 11: Brain Training - Exercise to Improve your Memory
11.1 Brain Exercise
11.2 Brain-Boosting Exercise Tips

Chapter 12: Naturally Improve your Memory - Brain Food

Chapter 13: Advanced Techniques to Boost Memory
13.1 The Dominic System
13.2 The PAO System
13.3 Ben Pridmore System

Chapter 14: Important Memory Myths

Chapter 15: Hacking your Mind and Brain    


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